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Practical Life Lessons From a Girl Who’s Been Through Some Sh-t

In Syenovia Lesesne’s The Nova Collective the right mindset is top priority to be sure you’re equipped with the ability to tackle life’s every day challenges with the attitude of a champion. 

Drawing on personal experiences, Syenovia offers a number of practical life lessons designed to help readers journey through life positively and with confidence.


Syenovia Lesesne is a banking professional, author and the creator of The Nova Collective -a lifestyle brand that promotes self care through the power of positive thinking. 

She began writing for therapeutic purposes; using Post It notes to describe how she felt about certain life changing events, and to reflect on the way she dealt with various challenges in her life.

A couple years and a couple hundred sticky notes later, Syenovia’s words have been shared with thousands through her social media following.

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